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Telephone Recorder

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  • Landline Telephone Recorder

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Record all your landline conversations, its mini size is quite suitable for any surveillance function! Find out how your staff talks to your clients, Who your daughter or son is talking to. Who you spouse talks to on the phone! Many reasons to have one of these installed on your landline! Easy installation! The SPTK-TR02 is used for recording fixed telephone line conversations.
It is small and easy to use and also easy to conceal.


• It can work independently without the need of having to be connected to a computer.
• It has an in-built 1.5-inch screen to view and playback the recorded information.
• It can record, playback, search through the recorded files.
• Supports maximum 32G micro SD card - 1GB capacity can store approximately 70 hours of audio files.
• Records the phone number, plus time and date for the file name making the files easy to sort and find.
• It not only supports the RJ11 connector, but also has a unique handset recording function and supports the RJ9 joints. It is also compatible with various types of analog and digital telephones.
• It supports external microphones and headphones and can be used as a voice recorder to record meetings etc.
• It has AGC: automatic gain control – recording sound sensitivity can be automatically adjusted according to the level and distance of sound source.
• It has USB communication capabilities - for computer audio file finishing and an ability to email the recorded files.
• It’s powerful computer software can: organize, search, playback, backup, tag, export and send the recorded files. You can also set the date and time, loop recording, voice trigger intensity, create a single call recording time etc.
• Is powered by 5V-DC power supply or three AAA batteries.
• Multiple languages: English/ Arabic / Chinese


AAA Batteries