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The Spytek Franchises operate from a Retail shop and only sell Spytek approved products sourced and purchased from Spytek Head Offices.

The Franchise Business model allows you to:

  • Place orders from HQ for products
  • Receive discounted rates for products and components
  • Increase your delivery period from that of Resellers
  • Benefit from a strong support structure at Head Office
  • Region Exclusivity
  • Use of the Spytek Brand and operate under the brand
  • Marketing benefits

Our business model is designed for the experienced retailer. In order to run/own one of our stores, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Experience in retailing.
  • Experience in security & electronics
  • Knowledge of running a business.
  • Knowledge of cash flow and control of it.
  • Final decision is subject to Spytek board approval.
  • Franchise Purchase & Set Up Fees Applicable

What would you need?

  • Offices for sales and administrative support personnel
  • A show room for product displays
  • Warehousing space to receive and hold assembled products
  • Technical & Installation team (s)

The stores and departments are tailored to the target market, demographic and location of the store.
Contact Us for Available Franchise Locations and more information: lelo@spytek.co.za