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Hi-Tech Surveillance & Security Equipment
Hi-Tech Surveillance & Security Equipment

Telephone Line Bug (Bug & Walkie Talkie KIT)

  • Up to 200m transmitting range
  • Easy to install

SKU: 6
Manufacturer: SpyTek
Product Code: SPTK-TLB

R 6,947.00

Telephone line adapter Bug. Small and very easy to conceal - blends in with the telephone plug. Bug all landline conversations - monitor your staff, your children, your spouse etc. Can transmit up to 200 metres. Features: Telephone line adapter type ,very well hidden , High db transmitted , No need for additional power , Up to 200m transmitting range , Easy to install.
Specifications: Output power : 3dbm , Modulation : WFM , Frequency : 433 +/- 2Mhz , Installation : Series to phone line,
Antenna : 180mm , Voltage : Uses phone line Voltage. Description
Remotely monitor your home or office from up to 200m away. This monitor can tap room sound and the conversation on the telephone without being aware of it only you.
Room audio surveillance, automatically switch to monitor telephone conversations.
Very suitable for families, hotels, offices, etc. for all-weather monitoring.
The box has a built-in transmitting antenna & does NOT need extra battery to wok.
Easily to setup, just put telephone line In and Out of the box.
Any walkie-talkie (not included in package) can be used to be sound receiver once adjusted to proper frequency.
Max. transmitting and receiving distance: 1.2Km (=0.75miles).
What in the package: 1 * Telephone junction box