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Wifi Solar PTZ CCTV Camera Kit 4 Channel

SKU: 1098

R 13,599.00
  • Four Solar PTZ Cameras with NVR
  • Wifi Connectivity
  • No need for wires as the cameras are SOLAR POWERED
  • NVR Can be connected to Screen for LIVE on Site 24/7 Monitoring (Control Centre)
  • 3MP Full HD 1080p
  • Powered by 9000mha Batteries
  • Wireless Connection
  • LIVE Remote View
  • Waterproof IP66
  • Convenient Installation
  • 2 Way Voice Connection
  • Dual Lights Night Vision
  • Motion Detection

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Product Description: Wifi Solar CCTV Camera Kit

The Wifi Solar CCTV Camera Kit is a comprehensive and convenient surveillance solution that combines advanced features with easy installation. With its high-definition 3MP Full HD 1080p cameras, wireless connectivity, remote viewing capability, and solar-powered design, this kit ensures reliable and hassle-free security monitoring for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The kit includes an 8-channel host that comes standard with four cameras, and it can be expanded to accommodate four additional cameras for comprehensive coverage. To ensure continuous power supply, the kit includes four 1.6W solar panels that provide sustainable energy. Once installed, the cameras are powered by built-in 9000mAh lithium batteries, ensuring long standby times and eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements.

The cameras feature a wireless connection, allowing for easy setup without the need for complicated wiring. With fast wake-up functionality and a good signal range, you can quickly access the cameras remotely and enjoy a stable transmission with a long distance range.

Equipped with PIR+ intelligent detection, the cameras quickly start recording upon detecting motion, ensuring that no important events are missed. The cameras also feature dual lights for night vision, providing clear visibility even in low-light conditions. This allows for effective monitoring and security surveillance round the clock.

The cameras support two-way voice connection, allowing for seamless communication between the camera site and the viewer. With built-in microphones and speakers, you can have real-time audio interaction, enhancing the security and monitoring capabilities of the system.

Featuring an IP65 waterproof rating, the cameras are built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring durability and reliability even in challenging outdoor environments. The cameras deliver high-definition 3MP resolution, capturing sharp and detailed video footage for accurate identification and surveillance.

The kit also includes a 10.1-inch LCD monitor, providing a convenient display for monitoring the camera feeds. The system supports various video coding standards, including H.264 and H.265, and offers flexible video management options such as timed recording and event recording. You can easily playback recorded footage and backup data using the provided HDD or SD card options.

The Wifi Solar CCTV Camera Kit supports Wi-Fi 2.4G connectivity, ensuring seamless wireless communication between the cameras and the host system. It also features a network interface with an adaptive Ethernet port for wired connections.

With its user-friendly features, durable design, and comprehensive surveillance capabilities, the Wifi Solar CCTV Camera Kit is an ideal choice for reliable and efficient security monitoring in both residential and commercial settings.

- Video and audio input: 8ch Network audio and video input
- Video and audio output: HDMI output 1ch (support audio output)
- Video coding standard: H.264, H.265
- Audio coding standard: G711A
- Video resolution: 5MP/3MP/1080P/720P
- Synchronous Playback: 3MP@4ch / 5MP@2ch
- Video Management: Timed recording, event recording
- Playback mode: Timed playback, event playback, Smart playback (SD card does not support smart playback)
- Backup method: HDD backup, SD card backup
- Storage: Maximum support capacity of 6TB hard disk / maximum support of 256G capacity SD card / cloud storage
- Wireless standard: Wi-Fi 2.4G (IEEE802.11b/g/n)
- Network Interface: 1 RJ45 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet port, built-in wireless Internet access function
- USB interface: 1 USB 2.0 interface
- Audio port: Built-in speaker
- Recording light: 1 recording light, indicates the recording status
- Network light: 1 network light, indicates P2P status
- Button: 

1 reset button
- Power Supply: DC 12V2A

Wireless IPC:
- Pixel: 3MP
- Resolution: 2304x1296 16:9 high resolution
- Lens: 4mm
- Video Compression Standard: H.264, H.265
- Audio: Built-in microphone and speaker, G711 codec
- Stream Specifications: Dual stream 2304x1296@15fps, 640x360@15fps
- Infrared Distance: 15m
- Wireless standard: Wi-Fi 2.4G (IEEE802.11b/g/n)
- IP Rating: IP65
- Battery: Built-in two 21700 rechargeable lithium batteries, 9000mAh
- Power supply: DC5V1A or connect to 4.5V ~ 7.5V solar panel
- Solar panel: 1.6W/6.5V with 3m Type C cable


APP:  Eseecloud / IPPro App


Power Source
Rechargeable Battery

POE NVR Kit Selection

POE NVR Kit Selection
NVR + 4 Cameras