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Hi-Tech Surveillance & Security Equipment
Hi-Tech Surveillance & Security Equipment

Python Revolver

  • Airsoft Pistol / Gun
  • Python 357 2.5 inch
  • Materials: Mostly metal with some plastic construction
  • Weight: 1.98 pounds
  • Barrel: 2.5 inches, non-rifled
  • Propulsion: 12 gram CO2
  • Action: Revolver, single & double action
  • Ammunition Type: 6mm plastic Airsoft BBs
  • Ammunition Capacity: 6 rounds
  • FPS: 360

SKU: 931
Manufacturer: SpyTek
Product Code: SPTK-KWC-357PYTHR

R 3,080.85
When do i get it?

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the KWC 357 2.5 Inch CO2 Airsoft Revolver is good in both single and double action, even better than the Dan Wesson and S&W 327 TRR8 shell loading revolvers, most likely because the spring tension that pushes the inner barrel to make contact with the cylinder is noticeably lighter on the KWC 357's. Even the hammer is smoother and has less wiggle, just a better trigger and hammer mechanism overall.

Build Quality: The KWC 357 2.5 Inch CO2 Airsoft Revolver being mostly metal has a very good build quality, perhaps even better than the Dan Wesson and S&W 327 TRR8 shell loading revolvers, even the weight of the KWC 357 is noticeably more! The only real plastic or rubber I could find was in the grips and the shell tips. Fit and finish was also good with no noticeable wear or sloppy workmanship.


  • Shell loading revolver adds to the realism!
  • Mostly all metal design.
  • Pretty all the parts work as they would in a similar real steel revolver of this type.
  • Good overall weight, Very dense because of the shorter barrel.
  • Should have good overall power, accuracy and shots per CO2 (based on Colt Python testing).
  • Fully adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation.
  • Well hidden CO2 Screw.
  • Recessed barrel.
  • Not much white writing on the gun.
  • Nice easy Trigger pull in both single and double action.