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Hi-Tech Surveillance & Security Equipment
Hi-Tech Surveillance & Security Equipment

Government Regulation 7 First Aid Kit in Metal Wall Mountable Case

  • Regulation 7 First Aid Kit
  • Metal Case
  • Wall Mountable

SKU: 586
Manufacturer: SpyTek
Product Code: SPTK-1AID7M

R 920.00

Safety Pins (Set of 10)1
Roller Bandages 75mm4
Roller Bandages 100mm4
Elastic Adhesive Bandage 25mm1
Pairs Examination Gloves4
Sterile Gauze 100mm x 100mm (5/Pch)2
Non-Sterile Gauze 50mm x 50mm (100/Pack)1
CPR Mouth Pieces/Resus Aids2
Plaster Strips10
100ml Antiseptic Solution1
First Aid Dressing No. 34
First Aid Dressing No. 54
Cotton Wool Roll 50g1
Pair Scissors1
Metal Forceps/Tweezer1
Microporous Paper Tape 25mm1
Triangular Bandages N/W4
Wooden Splints2
Bio-Hazard Spills Kit1
Burns Dressing 10cm x 10cm



Regulation 7 states that the employer must ensure that only articles and equipment as mentioned above or other similar equipment or medicineis kept in the first aid box or boxes. According to the Medicines and Related Substances Control Act 101 of 1965, no person is allowed to dispense a medicine (ie: headache tablets, cough mixture, any other oral medicine) unless authorized to do so under the Pharmacy Act.