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Dual Lens 4K 10X Zoom Solar Camera - 4G

SKU: 1044

R 7,755.00 R 9,999.00
  • Detachable Solar Panel with extension: Place it anywhere!
  • Dual Lens with 10x ZOOM and 4k RESOLUTION: Get crystal-clear images from any distance.
  • PIR / Motion and ALL Day Recording Modes: Three recording modes to choose from!
  • Human Tracking: Keep a close eye on everything that's happening.
  • Cloud Storage AND SD Storage: Choose where you want to store your recordings.
  • Push Notifications – Alarm: Stay in the loop with instant alerts.
  • Two-way Audio: Communicate with visitors and potential intruders.
  • Ultra low power consumption, long standby time: Worry-free operation.
  • Pan:355°, Tilt:90°, 4MP+4MP HD dual image viewing: Wide range of coverage.
  • 4G Sim Connectivity: Stay connected from anywhere.
  • With the Solar 4G PTZ AI Dual-lens Camera, you can rest easy knowing that your property is safe and secure.
  • App: Niview

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  • Solar 4G PTZ AI Dual-lens Camera
  • 6W solar pane with  built-in 4 x 21700mA rechargeable batteries 
  • Ultra low power consumption, long standby time
  • Pan:355°,Tilt:90°, 4MP+4MP HD dual image viewing
  • Support double-sided preview, cloud storage, dual side led, intelligent linkage.
  • Support PIR detection, motion detection, human detection, human tracking.
  • 3 recording modes: PIR recording mode/ Smart mode/ All day recording
  • Detachable solar panel design, place it anywhere
  • Qualcomm 4G module, support 4G sim card.
  • Smart AI intelligently identify reduce invalid alarm


  • This camera is 2.5mm fixed lens+5-50mm 10X AF lens, 4K(4MP+4MP) and it uses an App called: Niview to view live.
  • It Support cloud storage and local TF card storage.
  • Built-in microphone & speaker,
  • Support two-way voice intercom.

APP: Nivue

1. Question: Will the camera display a red light after turning on the night vision function?
Answer: The built-in infrared light beads make the camera show some faint red light when night vision is activated, but the image quality is still clear in no light environment.


2. Question: What is the longest recording time?
Answer: The camera has three working modes:

      A: The default is low power mode. When someone passes by, it will automatically start recording for 15 seconds. When the person keeps moving within the monitoring range, the camera will keep recording. built-in camera
The battery can work for 6000 wake-ups, and the solar energy replenishes 250 wake-ups per hour. In theory, it can be used all the time.

      B: The second mode is adaptive mode, when the battery is above 50%, the camera will record for 24h. When the power is below 45%, turn on the low-power working mode, when someone passes by
Automatically turn on for 15 seconds, when people keep moving within the monitoring range, the camera will keep recording

      C: The third mode is full-time mode. In this mode, a continuous power supply is required. In the case of full power, if there is no power supply. Only work 36 hours.


3. Question: How to check the video playback?
Answer: Click the video playback on the home page of the pull-up control menu, and select memory card playback or cloud storage playback.


4. Question: What should I do if the memory card space is insufficient?
Answer: After the memory card space is used up. Recordings will be overwritten from the earliest time period. or. You can subscribe to cloud storage.


5. Question: How many cameras can be connected to the same account?
Answer: You can add 50 cameras, but we recommend adding up to 10 devices for a better experience.


6.Question: Why can't I receive push notifications on my mobile device?
Answer: Make sure you have allowed the NIVlew App to push notifications to your mobile device. "When you watch the real


7.Question: How many accounts can one camera share?

8. Question: Why does the Wi-Fi name not appear when I connect to Wi-Fi?
Answer: When your iPhone is iOS13 and above, you need to open the app's "Location Permissions" in system settings, and change it to "Allow while using".

9. Question: How far should the device be from the router?
Answer: After testing, the Wi-Fi connection distance can generally reach 220 meters in an open place. But the reality depends on the strength of the Wi-Fi and its surroundings
(Thick walls, electromagnetic devices, and large metal objects can all interfere with the Wi-Fi signal). If the camera connection is weak or unstable, place the device as close to the router as possible.

10. Question: Do I need to always connect my phone to WiFi if I want to watch videos?
Answer: No. When your camera has a good WiFi connection to the router, you can use WLAN or cellular data to watch them.

11. Question: What should I do if the WIFI connection fails?
Answer: Please make sure your camera is connected to 2.4GHz WiFi, not 5GHz WiFi.
Move the camera and mobile device closer to the router when connecting.
Check if the WiFi password you entered is wrong or if there are special symbols in the password.
Make sure your camera is fully charged and your router is not disconnected from power.


12. Question: Why does the camera sometimes disconnect from WiFi?
Answer: Please check the network connection of your mobile device and router.
If the camera cannot receive a strong signal, please try to bring the router closer to the camera, or use a WiFi extender.
Make sure your camera is fully charged and your router is plugged in.