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Digital Smart Voice Recorder

SKU: 1067

R 4,595.00
  • Digital Voice Recorder with 450mAh Battery
  • 30 hours continuous voice recording
  • 40 hours continuous voice-activated recording
  • 2000 hours recording memory (optional)

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About this item
Easily Fits Anywhere Discreetly: At a merely ¼-inch thickness and 18 grams, the voice recorder can be easily carried in a pocket or fit for various scenarios discreetly. The free magnetic back clip and adhesive Velcro can enhance usability greatly and can even be attached to mobile phones for call recording.
30 Hours Continuous Recording: The 450mAh battery supports continuous recording for up to 30 hours and supports 40-hours continuous voice-activated recording.
2000 Hours of Recording Files: With 32GB of memory capacity, it can store up to 2000 hours of audio files for the optional file format
Enhanced Audio Quality & AI Noise Canceling: Features Super High-End Dual Knowles SiSonic Microphones and AI noise canceling, providing crystal clear audio with up to 1536 Kbps resolution.
One Slide Record: Start the voice recording with just a slide, the digital voice recorder is always at your service.
Instant Playback: You can playback the recordings instantly through the app and manage audio files with a breeze. You can easily locate the voices with a visualized interface in the App.
File Protection: The file protection feature ensures that your recordings are kept safe and secure. Even if someone else possesses the device cannot access them without permission.


Tiny and Portable
2*1.7*0.25 inches, weighs merely 18 grams, as light as a feather. You can put the recorder in your pocket and not feel it.

Easy-to-Attach Magnetic Clip
Install the detachable magnetic clip to place it onto your collar or attach it to any other magnetic surface.

Phone Recording and Much More
Stick the adhesive Velcro to your phone and record phone conversations. Capture important phone calls, business meetings, interviews, or personal conversations.

Enhanced Sound Quality
iZYREC is equipped with dual Knowles SiSonic Microphones. We utilized AI noise canceling technology, the recorder’s cutting-edge filters identify and cancel background noise when needed.

Voice-Activated Recording (VAR)
VAR ensures that the voice recorder’s highly sensitive microphones will start recording only when sounds are detected, which significantly extends battery life and can skip long silences, which saves you from spending time searching for specific audio segments.

Long Recording Distance
The voice recorder can capture sounds up to 10 meters away without interference. Its integrated Automatic Gain Control(AGC)algorithms amplify far-off sounds to produce recording clarity that rivals nearby sources.

Compatible with iPhone & Android
Could not playback your audio on your phone before? iZYREC recorder is the solution. The recorder is the only one that is both iPhone and Android compatible!

Visualized Playback
Playback your recordings and view them as waveforms in the App. Quickly and easily identify the important moments of your recordings and mark them to replay with ease, saving you much time and effort.

Large Storage Capacity
With 32GB of EMMC memory capacity, it can store up to 2000 hours of recording files. Whether you're in a meeting, lecture, or interview, the voice recorder has you covered.

Turn off the Indicator Light
Turn off the indicator light in the App so that you can record anytime you want without being noticed. Don’t know whether your recorder is working with the light off? You can check out the recording status in the App if needed