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Hi-Tech Surveillance & Security Equipment
Hi-Tech Surveillance & Security Equipment

Cellphone Monitoring Software - Platinum II (Monthly)

  • Monitor Cell Phones / Mobiles and Tablets (1 Month)
  • Cellphone Spy Monitoring Software

SKU: 231
Manufacturer: SpyTek
Product Code: SPTK-CSSP-M

R 1,380.00
When do i get it?

Cellphone Spy Software Platinum gives you Call Interception, GPS Tracking, Remote listening, Sms & Email Logging, Call History Logging, Location Tracking, and much more...




  • Cellphone Spy Software Platinum gives you Call Interception, 
  • GPS Tracking, 
  • Remote listening, 
  • Sms & Email Logging, 
  • Call History Logging, 
  • Location Tracking, and much more...


* You will need to get physical access to the device to install the software onto the Target Phone


Check out all our great spy phone features:


Spy on IM Chats Spy on Multimedia Spy Remotely Spy on Internet

·      WhatsApp5 ·      Video files ·      Take a picture using the camera8 ·      Web pages viewed6

·      Facebook / FB Messenger6 ·      Image files ·      Restart Device4 ·      Bookmarks6

·      Viber6 ·      Audio files ·      Check device battery status

·      LINE6

·      SMS Remote Commands

·      Skype6

·      WeChat6

·      iMessage4

·      BBM9

·      Blackberry PIN2

·      Yahoo Messenger6

·      Snapchat4

·      Hangouts6


Spy on Applications Receive Alerts When Spy in Secret Easy To Use

·      Address book ·      Change SIM card ·      Hide Jailbreak4 ·      Easy to install

·      Calendar6 ·      Call specific contacts ·      Hide SuperSU1 ·      Online Remote Commands

·      Notes4 ·      Alert Wizard ·      Hide from app list/task manager ·      Upgrading

·      Installed Programs8

·      Update6

·      Program Activity

·      Renewing

·      Deactivation

·      Uninstallation






    4iPad, iPhone

    5Android, iPhone

    6Android, iPhone, iPad

    7Not available on iPad

    8Not available on Blackberry

    9Not available on Symbian



Compatibility List

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Nokia
  • BlackBerry


Android Compatibility Information

    All versions of Android up to and including 5.0.1 are supported.

    To enjoy all the features of CSSP, you should root the device.

    Call Interception is not available on CDMA networks or on Dual SIM devices


Compatibility Information for iPhone and iPad

    Supports all versions up to iOS 9.0.2

    To find version ( Go to Settings > General > About and look for Version )

    You will need to jailbreak the device. It's easy, and we can help

    Call Interception feature is not available on CDMA networks such a Verizon



Supports all Blackberry phones running on BlackBerry version 5.0 to 7.1.


Nokia Symbian

Supports all Nokia phones running on Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle.


*****NB: Please note:*****

All phones need to be rooted before spyware installation 

The software is active and activated from date of purchase and will expire a month from DATE OF PURCHASE, regardless if installed onto TP and activated or not.

By purchasing this software:

  • You agree to the Spytek and PC Spy and Cellphone Software Legal Requirements and Usage Agreements.
  • You acknowledge that a refund will not be given for deployment-related or installation-related issues with third-party software.* - No refunds or credit notes are given on Software products.
  • You have verified that the computer and/or cellphone and/ or tablet to be monitored is running a compatible version of the operating system for the Spytek PC Spy and Cellphone Spy Software to be fully functional.*
  • You realize you need physical access to the device to install the software, and I confirm that I have read and confirmed the device requirements