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1/2 Mile Solar Early Warning Alarm System

SKU: 824

R 7,358.85
  • 1/2 Mile (800m) Long Range Solar Wireless Perimeter Alarm
  • The set includes 2 solar sensors & one receiver
  • Convenient Solar / Off grid Security System
  • Outdoor Waterproof Solar Sensors
  • Alarm Activation Within 30m Radius
  • Motion Detection Up to 4 Different Zones
  • Ideal For Farm Security, Homes, Business & Construction Sites
  • Connects Unlimited Receivers

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1/2 Mile (800m) Long Range Solar Wireless Driveway Alarm Outdoor Weather Resistant Motion Sensor & Detector-Security Alert System-Monitor & Protect Outside Property,

No Need to Replace Battery

The set includes 2 solar sensors & one receiver


Key Features:

  • Weatherproof outdoor solar sensor with adjustable sensitivity control.
  • The solar sensor may be placed up to a 1/2 mile from the base unit in ideal condition.
  • Alerts with light and sound when vehicles or pedestrians approach within a 30 feet radius.
  • Expandable up to 4 solar sensors and unlimited receivers, it is perfect for home, business, property, and worksite.
  • The set includes 2 solar sensors & one receiver. (You can expand up to 4 sensors and  unlimited receivers)
  • The receiver can be plugged in using included AC adapter or can run on (4) AA batteries.
  • Super simple to set up. Takes only a few minutes to set up. Easy do it yourself installation.
  • Solar-powered: The sensor is powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so no need to replace the battery.


  • Wireless Solar Driveway Alarm Includes 1 AC Powered Receiver and 2 Sensors.
  • SOLAR POWERED NO NEED REPLACE BATTERIES- The sensor is powered by built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery which will be charged by the solar panel,so no need replace the battery,the sensor also can be powered by the DC5V power adapter.


  • EASY TO INSTALL- Quick Start Guide has you operational in minutes. Can expandable to unlimited sensors and receivers for complete coverage of your perimeter. Wireless driveway alarm Detects movement from humans, cars, and large animals.Over 4 fun & unique chimes to choose from. Match different chimes with different sensors around your property to differentiate where wireless driveway alarm motion is being detected.


  • SUPER LONG RECEIVING RANGE - 1/2 mile (in ideal situations). Our range is the 1/2 mile competitors claim under ideal conditions. We use newer technology components and excellent manufacturing techniques. Our system has been real world tested in settings with trees, buildings, walls, and vehicles. It easily achieves a 1500FT  (Appro 460 Meters) wireless range in most conditions. It has been tested through thick forestry, hail storms, gusty winds, heavy rains, scorching heat, and snow.


  • EXCELLENT QUALITY - Outdoor driveway alert sensor system is made with industrial grade PVC housing, rubberized weather/water resistant seal, and a Runs on one solar rechargeable.


  • EXTREMELY RELIABLE - Much time went into developing and testing our reliable Infrared outdoor driveway alarm wireless detector that will dependably alert you to activity around your property. False alarms are minimized by adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor “eye” with Switch. (Hi = 30ft,Low = 20ft.) See Owner’s Instruction Manual. Swivel mount to refine the focus and detection angle of the sensor.

1 Receiver

2 Sensors with Solar Panels