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PIR WIFI IP Smart Camera

SKU: 464

R 2,817.50
  • PIR /Passive IP Camera with WIFI
  • Night Vision
  • Motion Detection

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  • Remote View & download video anywhere
  • With 3 seconds pre-motion record,never miss any evidence
  • Motion Detection
  • Push alarm to mobile upon motion
  • One way talking supported
  • Max 10m night vision
  • Max 30FPS
  • Max720P record and WiFi/IP transmission
  • Both Apple/Android smart phone and pad supported
  • SD Card Slot to Record
  • Storage size : 32 GB SD Card 



Inside this PIR (passive infrared) motion detector is a Wi-Fi camera that provides remote audio and video surveillance from anywhere in the world using any smart phone, tablet or personal computer. Wi-Fi cameras are the latest development in covert surveillance equipment providing unprecedented video monitoring.


The device covertly connects to your Wi-Fi network to transmit high quality, reliable video surveillance of the room that the unit is installed in. All recordings are date and time stamped for ease of archive and reference.


The camera's motion detecting technology will instantly send a photograph to your designated device to alert you to any activity detected in the room and provide you with the option to either record or ignore the alert.

The Wi-Fi spy camera features 640 x 480 and 1080 x 720 high resolution video capture to ensure a clear image feed, and the device is powered by mains electricity so does not rely on batteries, allowing the unit to provide continuous, uninterrupted transmission when necessary.


It is even possible to remotely adjust the video and audio quality of the Wi-Fi camera to suit your internet connection, allowing for the smoothest possible surveillance feed. This entirely ordinary looking PIR sensor can subtly be installed in any room and blends into any professional or domestic environment making it an ultra versatile, state of the art surveillance device.



640*480P , 1080*720P
Power Source