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Hi-Tech Surveillance & Security Equipment
Hi-Tech Surveillance & Security Equipment

Mouse GSM Bug

  • Functional USB Mouse
  • Hidden GSM Audio Bug

SKU: 28
Manufacturer: SpyTek
Product Code: SPTK-GSM05

R 2,090.00

This GSM bug looks like a computer mouse and is a fully functional USB mouse. But it has a bug inside it! Just stick your SIM card into the device and plug it into someone's PC. Then call the cellular number of the SIM card. Once you’ve connected, you can listen to the conversation around where the unit was placed.

Perfect for keeping an ear of anyplace you want from anywhere in the world! No need to worry bout battery life when unit is plugged into the USB!



Voice active monitoring,

Built in adjustable sensitivity voice active microphone,

Built in High sensitivity monitoring amplifier microphone,

Built in phone number filter function, only you can do the monitoring,

Can send SMS to activate or deactivate voice activation mode,

Built in shock alert function, will call and send SMS when detect shock alert,

Easy to operate, just install SIM card and SMS setting for all function modes,

Built in rechargeable polymer LION battery, with capacity up to 4200mA ,

USB charging and can be used while charging.

Capacity 4200 mAh
Standby 15 days
Battery Life (Continuous Use) 2 - 5 hrs