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AI Smart Bird Feeder - Wifi

SKU: 1092

R 5,799.00
  • Watch & Identify Bird Species
  • Auto Bird Feeder Dispenser Option (Extra)
  • Motion Detection and Cellphone Alerts of Bird Arrival
  • Battery and Solar Powered
  • Wi-fi Enabled
  • Cellphone App – Records, Playback, Alerts, Identify Birds ,Feed Birds

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  • Smart Bird Feeder with: user-friendly cellphone app.
  • Not only can watch the birds but also identify bird species.
  • Motion Detection Alerts: Receive instant notifications when a bird approaches through our PIR motion detection feature.
  • Automatic Bird Feeding: The feeder dispenses food automatically when triggered by motion.
  • Exclusive Function: Access the bird feeding feature through the app with a monthly payment.
  • PIR motion detection camera:  - captures motion events, even if bird feeding is not utilized.
  • Battery Powered and Solar Charging. (Solar Panel Incl)
  • WiFi Enabled: The Smart Bird Feeder operates on batteries and connects to WiFi for easy installation and flexibility.
  •  App: Vicohome App



Lens: 2.8mm Wide angle lens(160°)
Low power consumption, up to 6 months' endurence
Motion detection by PIR Sensor, Support SD Card up to 128GB
Wifi auto match, mobile app (Vicohome) support iPhone and Android
 Push video to smart phone, two way audio, Night Vistion full Color
AI Bird identify, Support 10000+  bird species identification
Up to 1.8Lbs Large capacity container, Ideal gift for bird lovers
Power: 2×18650 battery(totally 5200 mAh) or hardwire (5V USB cable), easy charge by usb cable



  • Smart Bird Feeder with Vicohome App: Experience the convenience of our Smart Bird Feeder, accompanied by the user-friendly Vicohome app.
  • Motion Detection Alerts: Be instantly notified when a bird approaches with our PIR motion detection feature. Receive a message informing you about the bird's presence.
  • Automatic Bird Feeding: Once triggered by the motion detection, the Smart Bird Feeder will automatically dispense food for the birds, ensuring they are well-fed.
  • Exclusive Function: To access this bird feeding feature, a monthly payment applies through the Vicohome app. Enjoy the added benefits of bird feeding convenience.
  • PIR Motion Detection Camera: Even if you choose not to utilize the bird feeding function, our device still offers PIR motion detection capabilities, making it a versatile option for capturing motion events.
  • Battery Powered and Solar Charging.
  • WiFi Enabled: Our Smart Bird Feeder operates on battery power and connects seamlessly to your WiFi network, providing you with flexibility and easy installation.

Transform your bird-watching experience with our innovative Smart Bird Feeder and the Vicohome app. Stay connected to nature and effortlessly nourish your feathered friends.

App: Vicohome