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Hi-Tech Surveillance & Security Equipment
Hi-Tech Surveillance & Security Equipment

Cellphone Detector

  • Cell phone detector
  • Detects cellular phone communication in a place
  • Bug Detector Capabilities

SKU: 229
Manufacturer: SpyTek
Product Code: SPTK-CD

R 17,665.00

This new cell phone detector is made for detecting cellular phone communication in a place, without interference with any 2- way radios, cordless phones or wireless cameras, etc. It has breakthrough ability in detecting 3G, CDMA and new 4G (LTE) signal.
This device offers options of warning modes: LED, beeping, voice warning message and acrylic light panel. This device also provides relay output to trigger the alarm system or other alarm devices. Specially designed for easy and simple use, which does not require complicated installation or any professional knowledge.

Superior sensitivity: This device can detect 4G (LTE), 3G ( WCDMA) signal up to 20 meters and CDMA signals up to 25 meters. None other is able to compare with in its kind.

Each frequency band has an adjustable sensitivity tuner for user to set the detecting threshold or adjusting distance.

100% legal to use all over the world.

Different combinations for detecting all kinds of cellular systems, including 4G(LTE), 3G(WCDMA, UMTS), CDMA, GSM, DCS, PDC, TDMA, PHS, PCS, iDEN, etc.

1. Hospitals, medical center s or intensive care unit.
2. Restaurants, cinemas, theater s, concerts, museums or art galleries.
3. Military or government premises.
4. Offices, factory or any commercial premises.

Voice warning:
This Voice warning module c an be recorded user's voice message up to 20 seconds. When this device detects the cell phone signal, it will trigger the Voice module to broadcast the pre-recorded warning message to warn the unwanted cellular phone use, and has a volume control for user to adjust the sound.

Acrylic light panel (optional):
The acrylic light panel is 18 x22 cm. It can be easily installed on the counter, partition, and window, etc. When this device detects any cell phone signal, the acrylic light panel will blink and show the visual warning message to warn the illegal use of cellular phone.

This brand new acrylic light panel is thinner, lighter weight and higher lumen than conventional light panel.


Size: L 275 x W 105 x H 50 mm (not including antenna)
Weight:about 1.3 kg (including rechargeable battery)
Battery life: about 1 hour after full charge
Sensitivity turner: eliminate the environment interference (noise)
Built-in rechargeable battery.
Switching power adaptor.
Warning modes:
LED blinking shows the signal frequency band.
Audible alarm.
1A relay, with NO / NC output.
User's own pre-recorded voice warning (optional).
Acrylic light panel (optional).
5 Cellular phone frequency bands (network) selectable:
3G(WCDMA): 850, 900, 1800, 2100
CDMA: 800, 1900
2G(GSM): 850, 900, 1800, 1900
4G(LTE): 700, 850, 900, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100, 2300, 2600

Detecting distance:
Up to 20 meters