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Bluetooth Earpiece Kit (Glasses/ Cap/ Watch)

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R 3,796.15
  • Bluetooth Covert Micro Earpiece Kit
  • Available As:
  • Glasses / Cap / Watch/ Pen

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Communicate secretly on the phone without anyone ever knowing!

This Bluetooth Covert Earpiece Kit allows you to have a super secret conversation on your cellphone without anyone knowing!

Using the super tiny micro earpiece that fits safely and comfortably inside your ear canal and can not be seen plus the Bluetooth receiver hidden in the glasses or watch or cap.


Available Models: (Please select one on order)

  1. Bluetooth Glasses Earpiece
  2. Bluetooth Cap Earpiece
  3. Bluetooth Watch Earpiece
  4. Bluetooth Pen Earpiece

Very Easy to Use!
1. Just put the earpiece in your ear,
2. Pair your phone's Bluetooth to the receiver (cap / glasses / watch / pen)
3. Put on the glasses, watch or cap and voila! Super Secret 007 - Two way communication!
Talk to your partner! They can hear you AND you can hear them clearly and no one will ever know you are on your cellphone!


(Please select and note if you would like the Cap / Watch / Glasses/ Pen)

**Please Note: Pen, Glasses, Watch and Cap Designs May Vary in Styles and from the images provided.