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Women's Safety

Women's Safety

Women’s Safety


A woman dashes across the street while clutching her bag with fear plastered all over her face not for her belongings but for her entire safety. Her desire each day is to always walk on the road like a ghost, so no one notices her. Jane is just one of millions of women worldwide who experience a daily culture of fear of assault and harassment in an urban environment.

City streets are riddled with dark corners and obstacles that make perfect hiding places for potential attackers to hide. A sudden threat often makes people freeze, panic, or react feebly. Women who walk alone especially at night are at risk of harassment, or even assault. Yet no matter how much you try to avoid it, it's almost inevitable that an opportunity will present itself where a woman has to walk by herself at some point.

To fight back or comply with an attacker depends on the situation and what you’re up against. The panicky chaos of a sudden threat forces you to choose an option in a split-second. Most people think the street crime is a game of chance, but you can now stack the odds in your favor, with many tools that are used to fight back. The most effective tool - Taser & Pepper Spray Combo, which is located in the Security & Self-Defense Sector of Spytek has been created to specifically give you an edge against any aggressor. The key to defending yourself is to use the element of surprise and turn fear into action! 

By Chris T 


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