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Solar Powered Surveillance

Solar Powered Surveillance

                                      Solar Powered Surveillance

Sun is the source of solar energy and this energy cannot be destroyed. This growing world of technology and development has made the possibility of using this abundant form of energy in different technologically benefitting ways. The energy from the sun if properly enhanced through advanced technology can be a good source of energy.

The biggest concern about wireless security cameras is battery life. We all want to watch our house even when we’re away for weeks or months. This need for situational awareness has prompted the design and development of many types of video surveillance systems that enhance natural resources as energy source.

The idea of Solar Security technology has introduced an ideal video monitoring solution with no wiring hassles, when in areas with limited or no WiFi access, no electrical power source you are still able to secure your home/ business.

This technology has allowed Spytek Engineers to innovate the Surveillance Cameras in such a way the customer is able to Live view in real time from any web enabled PC, Mac or mobile phone from wherever you are. This concept creates a convenient and economical way to maintain constant awareness of your family, office and farms on your iOS and Android mobile devices, anywhere and anytime!

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