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I was on the phone when the lights went out, and not only did I lose a potential client, I was ticked off that I was going to have to walk through a maze of old and dusty equipment to possibly find a torch never been used before. There’s no other way to put it -Power cuts provoke a tornado of anger within you.

A sudden and abrupt switch from light to utter darkness and just about every part of modern life grinds to a halt. Out comes the candles and the need to crank up a generator (If you are lucky enough to have one), while contemplating when are we going to get our power back and how much of my business is taking a massive hit?

Power loss can cost you money in lost time as you are unable to serve your customers. Having a Ioadshedding survival kit handy   is the best way to up your preparedness and counter the sudden disruption towards business for the remainder of the day. Planning for the possibility of a power outage has become an important requirement over the past few weeks due to an irregular Loadshedding schedule that has proved to be a handful for everyone in South Africa.

Fortunately, Spytek have taken the initiative to come up with an outstanding loadshedding survival kit to combat the power outages. Instead of scrambling for a flashlight when the lights go out, you can rely on the Solar Led Light that automatically switches on as soon as darkness descends upon you. Solar Led Light is just one of many units that form part of this practical survival kit that has become a necessity if you desire to combat the impending loadshedding wilderness.

By Chris T


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