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At the core of our society is the unjustified smash and grab of our raw thoughts only intended for our loved ones only to be shared & brutally broken down by society and left to memories you’re eager to forget. How do I innovate & grow as a business when I am surrounded by a lurking shadow that invites the competition into our war room and reveals all our cutting- edge, industry shaking ideas before implementation.

The art of eavesdropping has become a potent influence in our society. Whether it’s physically or online you are under threat to people extracting information without your consent. Audio & video bugs have evolved to the point of near invisibility to the unsuspecting naked eye.

I find myself heeding to that gut-wrenching feeling that I am being watched & tracked, only to be hopelessly browsing through the web trying to find a solution to this ever increasing problem. My curiosity and eagerness for a safe & secure environment has led me to calling the Debugging Services of Spytek or so called “Ghostbusters”. A sense of calmness and freedom knowing that your environment is now secure is very liberating.


By Chris T


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