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The Need To Own A Non-Lethal Gun

The Need To Own A Non-Lethal Gun

Global concerns over the current spread of coronavirus and what will happen next has increased the fear of many people at home & our personal security as an individual. As many South Africans are faced with the current lockdown situation resulting in many people staying at home, the economic impact becomes enormous.

Given the level of violence and the number of burglaries, it will only increase as the coronavirus situation continues.  It is imperative that we all need to take the protection of our loved ones as seriously as we can.

Assailants look for easy targets, easy access & generally anyone. There are some good prevention measures you can take to avoid being a victim. It is crucial that people have self-defence equipment that is flexible to carry around in your bag while outside your house & can also be used at home.

Many people do not want to be in a position to take a life, therefore the only real solution should be a non-lethal product that can be used at distance. The Spytek Self Defence guns are extremely easy to use regardless of your age, size or physical condition. They require no special permits, registration or training. Spytek Self Defence guns come equipped with essential pepper bullets & accessories that can complement to any kind of home, lifestyle or situation. It is essential to take every precaution especially in the current state of the world that has become unusual & at best unpredictable.


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