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Business Security During Quarantine ?

Business Security During Quarantine ?

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 has quickly evolved from a local issue to a global crisis.

As the world scrambles to make sense of and respond to the coronavirus threat.  Businesses have a lot to lose by not giving attention to Physical Security.

Digital video surveillance is perhaps the most well-known type of physical security for businesses. Having Outdoor & CCTV Cameras stationed around the perimeter helps businesses identify responsible parties in the event of a physical security breach, which in the current global environment due to the coronavirus has increased tenfold as the quarantine has put a lockdown on all activities.

Preparedness and adaptation to dramatic changing business conditions is far more critical today, and is directly linked to business survival. If an unauthorized person can come in from off the street and walk away with sensitive and important business data or hardware.

Ask yourself, do you know what is physically around your building currently? Are you able to view & guarantee the safety of your property while in Quarantine 24/7 without leaving the comfort of your home.


The good news is that Spytek Surveillance has developed security camera systems that are completely customizable to meet your needs. From CCTV Wireless Cameras to Solar Wifi Cameras that will monitor your property  24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You don't have to turn them on or off - our systems can be designed to meet the needs of your property, no matter how large or small.

This allows you to have the peace of mind knowing that you can monitor your business 24/7 on your Cellphone/PC while in Quarantine. Don't wait any longer to secure your Investment during this pandemic!


By Chris T



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