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Bug Detectors – The Necessity

Bug Detectors – The Necessity

The world has evolved into an age where technology is fast & easily accessible to anyone. The hidden cameras & audio recorders are becoming cheaper and smaller opening up an opportunity for anyone with an appetite to invade your privacy by installing one of these bugs in your office, home, workspace or your vehicle.

All Spy bugs have different shapes & can now easily be hidden in plain sight due to the countless designs that blend in with any environment.  The bugs range from Spy Pens that record live video, to GPS trackers that attach to the bottom of your vehicle, there is no shortage of bugs that can be used to track you & access your private life. Most of them are designed to be discreet. Some are so compact that they can be hidden in small unrecognizable areas that you’d never think to check. The variety between bugs is so vast that you would never be able to visually identify them with your naked eyes.


Spytek has identified a growing concern amongst society for the ability to personally protect themselves from bugs that invade the privacy of individuals by collecting unauthorized & sensitive information . Spytek has a department called Spytek Shield that is dedicated to providing portable & effective devices called RF Bug Detectors that detect & locate all hidden bugs within an environment.  RF Bug Detectors are handheld devices that help you measure the strength of radio signals. You can walk around your house and look for unusual sources of RF emissions which normally are your hidden 3G or Wifi Cameras & Audio Bugs, making it pretty simple to find that hidden bug.

To keep yourself safe from invasion of privacy, you need to get your hands on the best RF Bug Detectors only found at Spytek Surveillance. Visit our online store @ www.spytekonline.co.za  and quickly protect your family from any hidden spy bugs.


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